Re: network-manager-openconnect and csd-wrapper

Hi folks,

> Now I think all is missing before testing is how can I emulate the "--os win" ?

You need to patch networkmanager-openconnect:

diff --git a/auth-dialog/main.c b/auth-dialog/main.c
index 9c95624..6c46605 100644
--- a/auth-dialog/main.c
+++ b/auth-dialog/main.c
@@ -1022,6 +1022,8 @@ static int get_config (auth_ui_data *ui_data,
        if (cafile)
                openconnect_set_cafile(vpninfo, OC3DUP (cafile));
+        openconnect_set_reported_os(vpninfo, "win");
        csd = g_hash_table_lookup (options, NM_OPENCONNECT_KEY_CSD_ENABLE);
        if (csd && !strcmp(csd, "yes")) {
                /* We're not running as root; we can't setuid(). */

Something like this. It worked for me on Arch Linux. There is no possibility to do this via configuration at this moment.

Best regards,
Dmitry S.

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