Re: Non-GUI NM & Cell retries

On Tue, 2016-09-13 at 15:53 -0600, matthew stanger wrote:

I'm hoping one of the experts here can help answer these two
questions I

1. Has anyone built NM without a GUI using Yocto, just nmcli?

While I haven't built NM with Yocto, we've certainly built it and run
it without any GUI and only with nmcli.

2. Does NM have any logic for cell connections when using something
ModemManager for major carrier requirements in the context of
reties and back-offs.

NM does have some logic for retries in the connection properties, but
some of the backoff is hardcoded.  NM will try a connection 5 in fairly
quick succession, then back off 300s (5 minutes) and try again 5 times,

If we want to fine-tune that behavior, what are the carrier
requirements?  Know that would give us an idea what variables we need
to consider.


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