Re: [PATCH v2] plugins: ifupdown: support source-directory stanza

On Tue, 2016-09-06 at 10:50 -0400, Tony Espy wrote:
From: Scott Sweeny <scott sweeny canonical com>

Enable the ifupdown settings plugin to read interface
definitions from the source directory:

 src/settings/plugins/ifupdown/interface_parser.c   | 47

Hi Tony,

code looks good to me, but the test fails:

$ src/settings/plugins/ifupdown/tests/test-ifupdown
/ifupdate/source_dir_stanza: **
NetworkManager-ifupdown:ERROR:test-ifupdown.c:133:compare_expected_to_ifparser: assertion failed 
(g_slist_length (e->blocks) == ifparser_get_num_blocks ()): (2 == 0)
Aborted (core dumped)


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