Re: [PATCH] wwan/ppp: send explicit port speed to pppd when port speed is zero (rh #1281731)

On Fri, 2016-10-07 at 12:28 -0500, Dan Williams wrote:
Some TTY drivers or devices appear to ignore port speed and always
report zero.  Technically this means the port is hung up and control
lines should be disconnected, but with USB devices many of the serial
port attributes are meaningless and ignored by some devices.

pppd requires the port's speed to be greater than zero, and will
exit immediately when that is not the case, even though these
modems will work fine.  Passing an explicit speed to pppd in this
case works around the issue, as pppd attempts to set that speed
on the port and doesn't actually care if that operation fails.

Acked-By: Thomas Haller <thaller redhat com>

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