Kali Network Manager

Hi there,

Firstly great blog, thank you so much for maintaining it.

I am currently looking for a way to randomise my MAC address on every reboot on my kali machine.

Initially I had created a cron job like this:

@reboot macchanger -r wlan0

But this only randomises my MAC address when I am not connected to wifi. Which led me to your blog.

I firstly read and tried this option here: https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?29913-Netmanmac1-3-released-for-general-use&highlight=netManmac

But this doesnt seem to be working for me either, the permenant MAC address only defaults back upon connection.

So I have tried the following, as per your blog:



and editing it:

# "yes" is already the default for scanning


service network-manager restart

However I am observing the same results as the above. What am i doing wrong? Is this what I

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