Re: RFC: NetworkManager Device Statistics

On Tue, 2016-05-24 at 12:51 -0400, Tony Espy wrote:
We have a new requirement to add a data activity indicator to Ubuntu 
Touch for certification in certain markets.

We've had some internal debate about whether or not we should extend 
NetworkManager to provide this information to the rest of the system
adding logic directly to our touch-specific network indicator.

Hi Tony,

IMO it would be interested in having this in NetworkManager, and I
think we would be willing to help with implementation.

The current prototype is based on a similar facility in Connman, and 
involves RTM_GETLINK polling to retrieve device-specific Rx and Tx 

Do you have a prototype available somewhere?

Connman's API can be seen here:

Our proposed implementation involves extending 
NMPlatform/NMLinuxPlatform and adding some new properties to the 
NetworkManager.Device interface:

* TxBytes, TxPackets, [calculated TxRate (byte/s)] and Rx equivalents
* EnableStatProps : boolean property to enable/disable device
* StatPropsRefreshRateMs : refresh rate for Tx/Rx properties in

An alternative to extending the Device interface would be adding a 
dedicated Device.Statistics interface; and perhaps a Device
method ( vs. the EnableStatProps property ) to control 
enabling/disabling collection of statistics on a per-device basis.

The idea behind EnableStatProps is to avoid overloading the system
PropertiesChanged signals. The Tx/Rx properties will not refresh if 
EnableStatProps is false, and will refresh, sending
signals with the rate specified in StatPropsRefreshRateMs, when true.
In our case, we'd explicitly disable statistics when the screen on a 
device is turned off.

Maybe EnableStatProps could be dropped, and is implicit by
setting StatPropsRefreshRateMs to zero.


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