BLE interface to Network Manager for IOT

There's a problem I deal with that I bet a lot of other people deal with as well: getting headless machines (for me, usually Raspberry Pi) to connect to a wifi network. Usually this involves connecting the hardware to a wired connection, then configuring wifi over ssh. This is a pain, especially if the device is somewhere that's hard to get physical access to.

I've been thinking about creating a daemon that runs alongside Network Manager that exposes an interface over BLE that can list and configure wireless connections in network manager. Then, I could create a simple mobile app that could remotely configure network manager over BLE. This would allow for much easier wifi configuration on headless devices. This could be especially useful now that the Raspberry Pi 3 has both bluetooth and wifi built-in.

I'd be down to build the iOS app (free and oss) and potentially the part of the daemon that communicates over BLE, but could use some help building the part that interfaces with NM. At very least some architecture guidance would be helpful. Anyone interested in working on this project?

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