Re: [PATCH] Re: OpenConnect, Juniper and NetworkManager

On Tue, 2016-05-10 at 08:29 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
Yes. I basically quoted the whole of his message, so you're not really
missing much context. The openconnect-devel message is here, if you
want it:

OK, yeah I found that before, but I couldn't find any earlier messages in the
apparent thread to understand the context better.  No matter, you've explained
it well enough here, thanks :)

The latter part of the paragraph is actually talking about something
different. Juniper / Junos Pulse is transitioning from the old "Network
Connect" protocol, to the new "Junos Pulse" protocol. Both of which I
might be using non-official names for.

OK, I think I understand.

I'll still volunteer to help in an capacity I can.  I think the gateway I
connect to using "openconnect --juniper", or with the proprietary "ncsvc"
client, supports the newer juniper/pulse protocols as well, because I know that
windows users connect to the same gateway with a "pulse" client. So I may be
able to help in that regard as well.  I'm certainly willing to try, in any case,
but will need a bit of guidance from someone more familiar with the innards.

Brett Johnson<brett hpe com>
"UNIX is easy to use. UNIX is not necessarily easy to learn.
 Learn the difference."
   ~~ Alexander Koch

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