ANN: NetworkManager 1.1.90 (1.2-beta1) released


I'm pleased to announce the release of NetworkManager 1.1.90 (1.2-beta1)
and the same version of nm-applet, nm-connection-editor and the VPN plugins.

This is a first pre-release version of the next NetworkManager version, 1.2.
It's been in development for over a year now and contains fair amount of
new features, bug fixes and also some extensive internal changes.
There will be at least one pre-release before we'll do a 1.2 stable release.

At this point the code is feature complete and the essential functionality
has been tested to work well. That said, there's a lot of testing to be done
before we can do a stable release. We need your help with that!

While it's not recommended to run the pre-release in production, we
encourage you to test the new release and report any issues you encounter.

If you are a maintainer of a Linux distribution or a tool that utilizes
NetworkManager, you're even more encouraged to try the pre-release.
NetworkManager 1.2 will be API and ABI compatible with NetworkManager 1.0.x,
series (with the exception of the editor that won't load old VPN plugins
due to a symbol clash between libnm and legacy libnm-gtk).

A fairly complete summary of changes is available here:

You can get the code here:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the development of NetworkManager 1.2 and 
especially those who send the bug reports. We need your help to make
NetworkManager 1.2 the best and most robust NetworkManager release ever!


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