Re: 5f47182 fix has regressed in 1.2-beta1

On Sat, 2016-01-30 at 01:41 +0100, Tore Anderson wrote:
dcbw asked me to send this to the list:

When clatd starts up, it creates a new interface (not managed by NM)
and adds a static route bound to it. NM immediately removes that
breaking clatd. Of course, NM has no business deleting routes from
interfaces it's not controlling. The bug (at least the previous
incarnation of it) is described in more detail in bgo#740702.

Debug log from NM when starting clatd here:

Output from "ip monitor | ts" at the same time here:

It's the "Deleted 2a02:2121:1:3389:da32:8a93:6378:0 dev clat" line
should never have been there.

Hope this can be fixed before the 1.2 final release.

Hi Tore,

from the logfile, NM is assuming the device and should not interfere.
Especially it does not remove the routes.

NM does however set the addrgenmode first to "none" then back to
"eui64". But according to my tests, that would not cause the deletion
of the route.

Dunno. Are you sure it's caused by NetworkManager? And it does not
happen with v1.0?

btw. now all outstanding branches for 1.2-beta2 are merged. If you
could, it would be great if you could retest current master.


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