Re: IP configuration is useless with openvpn

On Wed, 2016-02-10 at 17:16 +0100, Anthony Bourguignon wrote:

My OpenVPN provider gives ipv6 connectivity. The IP configuration is
not pushed to client by the server. So, when I connect to the vpn,
openvpn plugin send no ipv6 configuration to network manager :

  NetworkManager[3236]: <info>  No IPv6 configuration

With the openvpn client, it can be superseded with "ifconfig-ipv6" in
the configuration file.

In my network-manager conf, I've set the ipv6.addresses and
ipv6.gateway parameters but they do not seem to be used in that case.
When the connection goes up, I've only got the ipv4 part, pushed by

If I use ip addr and ip route to set the ipv6 addresses once the
connection is up, everything works fine.

I also have a warning concerning the tun-ipv6 parameter but it seems
there's nothing in network-manager to set it :

  nm-openvpn[18820]: WARNING: 'tun-ipv6' is present in remote config
but missing in local config, remote='tun-ipv6'

Any hint ? Something that I missed ?

I don't think you missed anything.  Currently, NM does not seem to
allow static configuration to be used in addition to or in place of the
VPN daemon sending configuration.  That's an oversight, and something
that should get fixed in NM.

I've filed for this


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