RE: firewalld zones with tun interfaces

If the tun interface is always the same, just use firewall-cmd
--zone=my_zone --add-interface=tun0

Hi Stuart,
Yea I can control the interface name but I can also pass it into the up script.

So this seemed to work well where as I also tried
firewall-cmd --permanent --change-zone=tun0 --zone=my_zone
which produced inconsistent results probably related to the timing of the up
script. If it was run far after initialization it seemed to work and persist an
entry in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections for the interface with
a zone clause. Seems your command does the same but reliably at up script
invocation time.

My firewalld.conf has a default set however without any of the persisted entries
in network manager or the up script, any new interface created by the openvpn
service gets placed into "no zone", how can I ensure the default is respected?

Thanks a lot for the help,

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