Problems getting device state change events through


I used to have NM together with dhclient. Now I upgraded to NM 1.0.10 together with internal dhcp client. Old system had very cumbersome network up sequence in order to preserve dhcp provided IP. Both set-ups have also avahi/avahi-auto-ip running for providing IPv4LL addresses trying to provide "known" IP in case no DHCP server is available. So, I try to preserve both eth0 and eth0:avahi interfaces. This seems a problem with this new set-up. Wired interface starts always up due to eth0:avahi/avahi server even if cable is unplugged with the new set-up reaching activated -state at the end. Therefore, cable plugging does not produce unavailable -> disconnected event and interface does not get truly activated. NetworkManager seems providing "<info>  (eth0): link connected" message.

Everything is fine if I start connection having cable connected. Then proper events are generated both when plugging and unplugging cable. Should, I now use nm-dispatcher for starting up/shutting down avahi services?


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