Re: dns update for ipv6 using dhcpv6

On 14 Dec 2016, at 08:38, Francesco Giudici <fgiudici redhat com> wrote:

Hi Tim,
      one caveat: check that also ipv6.method is set to dhcp, otherwise the
ipv6.dhcp-hostname would not be saved in the ifcfg file.
Maybe you will be interested in this:

The patch in review would also save ipv6.dhcp-hostname when ipv6.method
is auto.


Having read the bug, I’m a bit more confused as to what the ipv6.method means/refers to. I’m using both slaac 
(for addresses) and dhcpv6 (for dns update and whatever else homenet uses it for). Would setting ipv6.method 
to dhcp break slaac?


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