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Seriously I would suggest to get rid of the CamelCase name. It breaks
compatibility or congruency with a lot of other things and as a user
are constantly wondering what the name is going to be.
networkmanager? network-manager? It changes from situation to
There is no reason for NetworkManager to be capitalized (least of all
the binary) because this is no user-friendly system where NM sits
some sort of pretty application catalogue. Linux packages are always 
lowercased. Most Linux directories are lowercased (and they should
You have to follow convention. This only creates problems. This is
Microsoft Windows where each program sits in C:\Programs or
Files and where filenames are CASE INSENSITIVE. Even the KDE
to name the "Documents" and "Pictures" folders with upper cases
issue because of the case sensitivity, which means that "cd
won't work. If you want this in Linux, you have to ensure that the 
actual names are lower case, but that you create a representation in
GUI (!!!) that is capitalized. I know other packages do this as well,
notably PackageKit and UPower, but it is bad habit and bad choice and
makes it harder for everyone, because most of what you do in Linux is
still done using the COMMAND LINE.

well... I don't like it either, but changing it now is painful too.


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