Re: CentOS 7 and NetworkManager-gnome package

On Wed, 2015-10-14 at 18:55 +0000, Ron Wurzberger wrote:
There use to be a separate NetworkManager-gnome package in CentOS 6.x. Is that package now included in the 
GNOME Desktop 3, or will it remain a separate package for CentOS 7? If the later, when do you expect it to 
be released for CentOS 7?

CentOS tracks RHEL; and with RHEL7+ the packages track the Fedora
NetworkManager RPM layout from which they were derived.

That means that you now get separate packages for different components:

NetworkManager - core daemon
NetworkManager-wifi - WiFi support
NetworkManager-adsl - ATM/PPP based ADSL modems
NetworkManager-bluetooth - Bluetooth DUN/PAN support
NetworkManager-wwan - WWAN/cellular support
NetworkManager-team - team support (new-style bonds)

On the UI side, NetworkManager-gnome got split into separate packages:

network-manager-applet - contains nm-applet only
nm-connection-editor - contains nm-connection-editor only
libnm-gtk - contains some libraries used by applet/editor/GNOME Shell

If you're using the default GNOME desktop, then you don't need
'network-manager-applet' at all and you don't need to run nm-applet at
all, becuase GNOME Shell has its own network status indicator that
replaces nm-applet.


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