Re: MC 7304 ipv4v6

Hi Aleksander,

please tell me how to check this feature.

I forgot/don't know the command.


Am 29.11.2015 2:24 vorm. schrieb Aleksander Morgado <aleksander aleksander es>:

On Sat, Nov 28, 2015 at 10:58 PM, Thomas Schäfer <tschaefer t-online de> wrote: 
It works (tested only IPv4, LTE) with the following devices: 

*Telekom Speedstick LTE alias Huawei E398 
*Vodafone K 5005 alias Huawei E398 modified 
*Telekom Speedstick II alias ONE TOUCH L100V LTE 
*MC 7304 
*Vodafone K 5006Z alias ZTE MF821V 
*O2 ZTE MF821D 
*4G-Systems XS-stick W100 LTE  (version 2) 

Which of these support the WDA QMI service? 


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