dnsmasq on ubuntu/debian not using pulled dns servers

I've had this issue for a while with ubuntu, where openvpn, openconnect vpn's that I've tried don't seem to register the dns servers properly with dnsmasq, so I get no dns resolution on vpn. It seems resolvconf isn't modifying the resolv.conf, leaving the localhost address there, but dnsmasq isn't taking/using the setting, and have not dug enough into NM to see whya, but I'm presuming dnsmasq isn't getting (but should) those out of dbus?

Is this a bug or a feature? Normally I'd just uninstall dnsmasq so dns would work as a quick fix, but now in canonical's infinite wisdom, removing dnsmasq on 14.04 wants to gut half the desktop with it. Not really an option now, and has officially gotten beyond an annoyance. Rather not have to grep out my dns servers in syslog from nm to add manually to my resolv.conf every time I reconnect a vpn.


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