Re: nm-applet not running

On Thu, 2015-05-14 at 10:20 +0200, jean-christophe manciot wrote:
Hello guys,
I have compiled and installed NetworkManager from the git sources on Ubuntu
Server 15.04.
I can see NetworkManager is running but not nm-applet.
What should be done?

nm-applet is in a separate git repository than NetworkManager itself,
since the core daemon is desktop agnostic.  The applet's git repo is at .

nm-applet is normally run automatically at login by your session
manager.  You can start it manually if you'd like (just run nm-applet)
but it needs a "notification area" to display itself in.

I'm not sure if there's still a notification area in ubuntu 15.04 since
they have moved to indicators.  Only nm-applet git master has support
for indicators, and to build that support you need a couple more
development libraries (libappindicator) and you also must pass
--with-appindicator when configuring/autogen-ing the applet.  Once
that's done, you can still run it manually (or via your session manager
at login) and it should pop into the normal indicator area in the


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