NMClient.IP4Config get_addresses() not always populated when signal 'notify::ip4-config' is fired


I am writing a small _javascript_ for gnome to grab the ip addresses of my network interfaces using imports.gi.NMClient;
Basically I get the devices and connect each device to the notify::ip4-config signal to be able to update the ip address value when it changes

this.client = NMC.Client.new();
this.devices = this.client.get_devices();
for each (let device in this.devices) {

It works fine for the wifi connection but there is a problem with the ethernet connection.
After turning my ethernet connection up,  the signal 'notify::ip4-config' is fired, the device state is ACTIVATED, so I try to get the ip4 config.
with ipcfg = device.get_ip4_config();
I get a not null ipcfg object, unfortunately ipcfg.get_addresses() is not defined yet.
I see in my journalctl log few seconds later, some dhcp network manager message.

 _update: function(device) {
      let ipcfg = device.get_ip4_config();
      if (ipcfg != null) {
         for each(let addr in ipcfg.get_addresses()){
            let num = addr.get_address();

How to be sure ipcfg.get_addresses() will return something ?
Could someone tell me which signal to use for being sure the ip address is set when calling ipcfg.get_addresses()? I tried using the 'notify::dhcp4-config' signal instead 'notify::ip4-config' without much success.

Thank you very much for your help,


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