Re: Maintaining connection

On Wed, 11 Mar 2015, Dan Williams wrote:

On Wed, 2015-03-11 at 15:57 -0500, Alex Ferm wrote:
Hello, I'm trying to write a python script that resets NetworkManager
when the state is not "NM_STATE_CONNECTED_GLOBAL". Does NetworkManager
time out and retry automatically during the "NM_STATE_CONNECTING" state?
Also, how is the "NM_STATE_CONNECTED_GLOBAL" determined(ie: is there a
periodic ping or something?)?

What's the reason to reset NM when it reports something isn't connected?
Just to ensure always-on connectivity as hard as possible?  Also, what
do you mean by "reset", what specific actions are you running to do so?

In my case, wpa_supplicant hangs every so many megabytes, and I have to
killall wpa_supplicant to restore the network connection.  I've been
wondering about a way to have NM do that automatically, since fixing
wpa_supplicant seems to be difficult.

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