[review] backport th/uuid-duplicate-rh1171751 to nm-1-0

Hi all,

master has commit

  commit 29eb46b126f111a68ae811aa69603f47b3a90c7a
  Author: Thomas Haller <thaller redhat com>
  Date:   Tue Jan 13 16:58:24 2015

      settings: merge branch 'th/uuid-duplicate-rh1171751'

I didn't backport it to nm-1-0 yet, because I wasn't entirely confident
that it wouldn't cause problems.
I didn't see any problems until now, but I think it has valuable
improvements to logging and fixes a bug.

I'd like to backport it to nm-1-0 branch.

Please ACK
  th/uuid-duplicate-rh1171751 branch


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