Re: No more IPv4 address after boot up since NM 0.9.10

On ma, 2015-03-02 at 16:04 -0600, Dan Williams wrote:

I am not sure whether this is a really satisfying solution though: what
if I would want to debug potential kernel errors during boot, then NM
will cause your these kind of troubles?

Well, I don't think NM is causing any kind of troubles at all, it's just
noticing that the interface is configured already when it starts, and
tries very hard not to mess with the interface. 

So now a few days later, I can tell that disabling netconsole did not
entirely fix my problem. In most cases, I'm still left without any IPv4,
and I have no clue what might bring up the interface before NM becomes

I still think that NM's behaviour not to touch the interface when it's
up already is counter-intuitive. If I start up NM with a configuration
for eth0, then I _do_ want this configuration to be applied, just like
the distro specific init networking scripts would do. If you don't want
NM to touch an existing interface, then it makes more sense to me to
completely disable NM, or to set this specific interface unmanaged in

Maybe this behaviour should be configurable?

Frederik Himpe <frederik frehi be>

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