Re: ModemManager and Thuraya XT

On 06/17/2015 04:58 PM, Dan Williams wrote:
That would seem to indicate that we need a ModemManager plugin for the XT to selectively ignore COPS. Given that the modem probably only has one operator and probably always searches automatically for it (unlike some modems which the COPS=0 is designed to handle) it should probably be ignored.

I agree, COPS=0 should just be ignored / not sent. The Thuraya XT always searches for its network, and there's only one provider.

I'll bet it doesn't list anything, or it may not list any result for "IPV4" contexts.

Actually no, it does look relatively sane, it just likes to add lots of spaces in its response...

ModemManager[13689]: <debug> [1434497907.217754] [mm-port-serial.c:1294] _close_internal(): (ttyACM0) device open count is 2 (close) ModemManager[13689]: <debug> [1434497907.217776] [mm-port-serial-at.c:440] debug_log(): (ttyACM0): --> 'AT+CGDCONT=?<CR>' ModemManager[13689]: <debug> [1434497907.252516] [mm-port-serial-at.c:440] debug_log(): (ttyACM0): <-- '<CR><LF>+CGDCONT: ( 1 ) , "IP" ,,, (0-2),(0-3)<CR><LF>' ModemManager[13689]: <debug> [1434497907.253963] [mm-port-serial-at.c:440] debug_log(): (ttyACM0): <-- '<CR><LF>+CGDCONT: , "PPP" ,,, (0-2),(0-3)<CR><LF>' ModemManager[13689]: <debug> [1434497907.254980] [mm-port-serial-at.c:440] debug_log(): (ttyACM0): <-- '<CR><LF>OK<CR><LF>'

I added a few \\s* at the right places in the CGDCONT regexes. It works now! Ping latencies around 3 to 5 seconds :)


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