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Hi Garry,

On Fri, 2015-02-20 at 06:58 -0800, Garrison Ricketson wrote:
Hello all.
 Recently I had some problems, my "desktop" would not load, and I needed
to connect online, to try to re-install , how ever normally I start my
internet connection from the desktop, and had never tried this from the
command-line,which is all I had,  so I searched google, and found I
use the command "nmcli" , but I am having trouble understanding what the
correct syntex would be, someone told me this " nmcli dev wifi con
password <password> " but I got "syntax error near unexpected token

Well, you need to replace "<SSID>" with the actual network name:

$ nmcli dev wifi list
   My Network     Infra  52    54 Mbit/s  49      ▂▄__  WPA2 802.1X
$ nmcli --ask dev wifi connect 'My Network'
Password: behemoth
Device 'wlp4s0' successfully activated with

 I spent several hours going over some articles I found via google, but
couldn't make much sense of them. Can anyone tell me what the correct
commands would be to start neworkmanager, then connect  or activate the
device,  in this case it would have been "wlan" not wifi,..Thank you all
in advance,

Please have a look at the NetworkManager manual; the results are likely
to be better than the search results from google.

I believe the "EXAMPLES" section in nmcli(1) manual covers exactly your
use case.

From Garry


Ok, thank you very much on this.
from Garry

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