Re: Add WPS information parsing in foreach_property_cb

On Thu, 2015-02-05 at 22:36 +0800, Sheng-Jhih Jiang wrote:


BTW, I think I must modify network-manager-applet for testing WPS, but
I also met some problems while building network-manager-applet.

WPS should be added to NetworkManager (core daemon) first. It's not
really necessary to add anything to nm-applet (client) at that point.

I already built and installed NetworkManage 1.1.0 obtained from git
master branch.
When I want to build network-manager-applet, some errors shows as below.
I found that these function prototypes in NetworkManager were
controlled by "NM_AVAILABLE_IN_0_9_10"
But the version of NM I installed was 1.1.0, it's even newer than
0.9.10, I don't know why these errors occurred.

"NM_AVAILABLE_IN_0_9_10" affects compilation (not linking). So,
compilation works for you correctly.

make[4]: Entering directory `/home/awkjiang/temp/network-manager-applet/src'
  CCLD     nm-applet
nm_applet-applet.o: In function `get_device_class':
/home/awkjiang/temp/network-manager-applet/src/applet.c:280: undefined
reference to `nm_device_team_get_type'
nm_applet-applet.o: In function `applet_find_active_connection_for_device':

these are linker errors. Apparently you try to link against an older
version of libnm-util. Make sure, you link to the same version as the
include headers.

For example, try setting the search path for pkgconfig 

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig"


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