Re: Mediacast to TV - MiracleCast - Open-Source Miracast - Wifi-Display on linux

On 03.02.2015 18:43, David Herrmann wrote:

On Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 6:36 PM, poma <pomidorabelisima gmail com> wrote:
On 02.02.2015 19:58, David Herrmann wrote:
As I'm not really interested in hacking on network-managers, I've
decided to stop working on MiracleCast. If, some day, there's a
working P2P stack on linux, I might resurrect it. But it sounds more
likely that I'll refer to the Intel solution (WYSIWIDI) instead.
There're also gstreamer plugins for WFD now, so maybe give them a try?



This module is running on established p2p connection with wifi direct, which means that you have to setup 
this network environment to run this module. I hope this link would be very helpful. ( )

You are referring to them, they are referring to you. :)

They provide a gstreamer plugin for Miracast, but quite frankly didn't
bother hacking on Wifi P2P. Hence, they refer to my miracle-wifid hack
to provide a P2P link. If NM provides a P2P API, you can just set it
up via nmcli and then use the gst modules to run Miracast (or you can
just use the ConnMan API right now).


Well at least there is an open RFE - Network Manager
[enh] Add support for WiFi P2P (aka WiFi Direct)

And in this thread I see Patrik Flykt - ConnMan.
Connman WiFi p2p API evaluation

Let's see if NetworkMan can learn from ConnMan. :)

Thanks again for the occurrence.


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