Re: Unmanaged device still showin in nm-applet UI

On Mon, 2015-12-07 at 18:32 -0600, Robby Workman wrote:

However, if I tell nm-applet to Disconnect it, it does so. My
is that setting it as unmanaged would remove the possibility to do
which is exactly what I want. I can of course work around this by
setting it
as unmanaged in the NetworkManager.conf, and I'm not opposed to doing
but it seems that this is a bug. 

On 1.0 branch (which you are testing) this works as follows:

(1) configuring a device as unmanaged via UDev rule sets the device as 
(2) configuring it as unmanaged via "keyfile.unmanaged-devices" in
    NetworkManager.conf configures the device as "user-unmanager".

For (2), a "user-unmanaged" device cannot be activated later on. It was
configured as unmanaged, you cannot activate it.

For (1), a "default-unmanaged" device still allows you to activate the
device if you do an active user-action (like clicking on nm-applet).

On master/1.2, also "user-unmanaged" will behave like "default-
unmanaged". Thus, you will be able to overwrite a user-configuration
(from files or UDev) via a user-action from D-Bus (e.g. when clicking
on nm-applet).

Does that make sense?

As to why nm-applet behaves differently on whether to show you the
device for (1) or (2), I don't know.
It certainly should not and I don't think that nm-applet is even aware
whether a device is unmanged via (1) or (2). The difference is mainly
about whether you are able to still activate the device.


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