Re: How to find a tun device for an active VPN connection

On Tue, 2015-07-28 at 11:24 +0200, Jan Grulich wrote:

I'm looking for a way how to find out which tun device is used for a certain active VPN 
connection. Right now when you check device property of an active VPN connection it 
shows the device used by the regular connection which is used as a base for that VPN 
connection (eg. wifi device or ethernet). I was talking with Jiří Klímeš about this long 
time ago and he started working on this [1], but it was never finished because there 
was someone else working on a better approach. So is it finally possible to match VPN 
connections with tun devices or the work is still in progress? We would like to have this 
information for traffic monitoring in our KDE NM applet. 

[1] -[1] 

Hey Jan,

Not much progress on this yet, as you probably realize through that bug
report.  Though the larger new stuff that's talked about in that report
is still targeted for 1.2.

(random note: not all VPNs have interfaces, eg routing-based ones like
openswan/libreswan simply add routes to the parent interface)


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