Re: [PATCH 1/1] vpnc: add support to change interface name

Christian Hesse <mail eworm de> on Fri, 2014/09/26 22:41:
Christian Hesse <mail eworm de> on Tue, 2014/09/23 16:51:
By default interface name is 'tun' with an incrementing number (tun0,
tun1, ...). By specifying 'Interface name' in vpnc config you can change
the name to something more descriptice.

Is not getting an answer good or bad indication? :D

I could take a look at network-manager-vpnc for the same functionality. Any
comments about that?

Stupid me... This should have been network-manager-openvpn... Support for
network-manager-vpnc is ready to go.
Schoene Gruesse
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