Re: Device Priority - Modem and Wi-Fi

On Fri, 2014-09-19 at 21:21 -0500, Kevin Baker wrote:
Hello all,

I was wondering if there was some justification for the priority
listing in src/nm-device.c: nm_device_get_priority(). Specifically,
that a MODEM connection is higher in the priority than a WIFI

Note that this is not for connection priority support within the same
device type (like bug 580018 [1]), but across different devices,
mainly for the default route.

The reason for asking is that our device will automatically activate a
Wi-Fi connection when it is detected in range, and fall back to a 3G
Modem if it goes out of range / is unavailable. This works great,
however since WiFi is given lower priority by NM, the default route
stays on the 3G connection all the time.

Is this just a historical thing? Having WiFi priority over Modem would
also match other platforms such as Android. I can submit the patch we
are using to swap these (super simple) if desired.


The priority of MODEM vs. WIFI was changed by commit:

before, the priority was based on nm_device_get_device_type(), with

I don't know the reasons for that change.

nm_device_get_priority() was/is used both for the autoconnect-priority
and route-metric.
Back then, we also accepted a change of behavior and I think a
behavioral change now would be acceptable as well.

And I tend to agree that WIFI should have higher priority then MODEM.


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