Re: NM+WPA_Supplicant+Systemd trouble: can't connect to WLAN


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Thanks Mark -

1. I don't see how daemons could be starting in
a wrong order, in my particular case.  WPA Supp is not
started except by NM.  NM spawns its own instance of WPA
Supp, and it's the only instance of it I have.  Am I
missing something?  Should there be another one, e.g.,
wpa_supplicant wlp3s0?  But what purpose would it serve?

2. Should I maybe upgrade or downgrade some of these
packages?  I currently run

  WPA Supplicant - v. 2.0-r2
  NetworkManager - v.
  Systemd - v. 215-r3
  Kernel - v. 3.14.14

Many thanks again.

PS  I may also go Mate or XFCE if I can't get this working.
I just can't fathom why the Supp would work great with DHCPCD
but not with NM *under the exact same configuration*.  I
cannot wrap my brain around this.  I hope someone with deep
knowledge of NM speaks up.
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