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On Sáb, 2014-05-03 at 10:57 +0200, John Page wrote: 
Where I live many internet providers run free access widely available
wifi routers for their clients. My own router has two access points -
my private one, and an insecure one that only allows internet access
after you have correctly identified yourself on a welcome page. I use
that when I am not at home but then at home I have to explicitly
select my home access point.

I had the same problem, so I went to "edit connections" and disable
"Automatically connect to this network when available" to free access
connections .

It is high time network-manager started doing something more
intelligent in those cases. I'd suggest simply preferring secure APs
to start with.

I've been reading the sources and here is what I have found.

src/devices/nm-device-wifi.c:build_hidden_probe_list is called in
order to list the APs that we might want to connect to.

The above function
calls src/settings/nm-settings.c:get_best_connections which reads
stored connections from storage, sorts them
using src/settings/nm-settings.c:nm_settings_sort_connections and
returns the top 5.

Here are my conclusions: (they aren't criticisms, I just want to be
sure I have understood correctly.)

* network-manager doesn't ask for a list of available access points,
it just asks the supplicant to connect to one of its preferred
networks if they are available (presumably for performance).
* network-manager will never auto-connect to a stored network that
doesn't get into the top 5 - or does it check the whole list
* if several stored APs are found, the first one in the list is chosen
even if it has the weakest signal - or does the supplicant have some
say in the matter?
* the sorting code is in a wifi agnostic context so prioritizing
secure networks would (ideally) need some re-factoring. For example,
get_best_connections could return the whole list and let
build_hidden_probe_list do the sorting.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. 
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Sérgio M. B.

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