Re: "Save..." button deactivated, can't create WPA & WPA2 Enterprise connection

On Fri, 2014-05-02 at 14:49 -0400, Chuck Anderson wrote:
I've had this problem for awhile now (maybe the last year or 2,
certainly Fedora 20 and Fedora 19, and probably Fedora 18 as well).

When creating a new Wi-Fi connection:

Security: WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
Authentication: TLS
User certificate: file in .der format
CA certifcate: file in .der format
Private key: file in .pem format
Private key password: provided

Could you run nm-connection-editor from a terminal and see what output
it dumps when you type the private key password?

Next, could you provide the top few lines of the private key .pem file?
They should look something like this:

Proc-Type: 4,ENCRYPTED
DEK-Info: DES-EDE3-CBC,5FA2D6D6242C26D0

Feel free to obscure the "salt" at the end ofthe DEK-Info line, if that
line exists for you.


The "Save..." button remains greyed out/deactivated, so there is no
way to save the connection.  This happens both when selecting a new
Wi-Fi network from the Gnome shell, as well as running
nm-connection-editor manually.

Is there a workaround so I can create the connection?

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