Re: Bridges and Keyfiles

On 26.03.2014 04:33, Justin Brown wrote:


Awesome, thanks. That works perfectly. It would be nice if the
documentation reflected that. Currently, it reads like it's an array
of three values separated by semicolons. There's no references that
the subnet should use a slash. Also, it's very unclear that the
parameter is called "address#" and that it should be numbered, let
alone singular (i.e. not addresses1).

Do you have any idea on how "master" should be specified on a vlan
interface? I still don't know how to add that interface to the bridge.

The 'nm-connection-editor' is pretty straightforward tool.
$ man 1 nm-connection-editor

The 'nmcli' is a bit more complex, however it is still a great tool.
$ man 1 nmcli
$ man 5 nmcli-examples

Besides the 'nmtui', a curses-based UI.

These tools should create the correct connection files, so.
Everything else is up to you. ;)


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