Re: [review] dcbw/dev-plugins: convert BT, WWAN, and ADSL to device plugins (bgo #724324)

On Fri, 2014-02-14 at 09:14 -0600, Dan Williams wrote:

This branch enhances the device plugin interface and converts the WiMAX,
Bluetooth, WWAN, and ADSL code to use it.  Total savings in the core NM
binary are about 11% in stripped size.

This branch has been merged!

Binary size reduction: 15%
RSS memory reduction:  7.5% (with no plugins loaded)

The new plugins are installed as
LIBDIR/NetworkManager/libnm-device-plugin-*.so.  So if you are a
packager, and you don't care about Bluetooth, ADSL/ATM, or WWAN, you
don't need to install them.  The intention here is that packagers should
create new NetworkManager-[bluetooth | atm | wwan] packages and make
them actually depend on their dependencies (eg, Bluez or ModemManager),
and users can simply remove or not install the package if they don't
want it, and the core NM doesn't care about any of the dependency chain.

In the future we may make WiFi a plugin too, but that require a few more
tweaks inside NM and has been left for another day.


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