Re: OpenVPN plugin without option keepalive

On Mon, 2014-06-23 at 10:02 +0100, Michał Olber wrote:
Hi guys
Couple of times I was trying to configure properly my OpenVPN connection
on Xubuntu 13.10/14.04 in NetworkManager. But after importing ready
configuration file, save it and making connection, after 30 seconds, it
was lost. The same file is properly working on Windows 7 in OpenVPN GUI app.

Compare both files I have found that NetworkManager doesn't support
option Keepalive or ping, which is required to making the connection
stable. Checking the buglist I have found this:
So this bug or proposition for option was proposed 4 years ago.

Could You help me with this?

Unfortunately at the moment that's not properly supported, you're right.
Dan Winship will be doing some work on this in the next few months.
Until then, we could potentially add this option to the validation, so
that it could be used if set outside the UI.


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