Re: [RFE/ENH] A network bandwidth monitor plugin for NetworkManager

On Tue, 2014-06-24 at 08:57 +0200, poma wrote:
We’ll Build A Dream House Of Net - by Dan Williams

          Geez, are we done yet?
          Not even close!  Seriously, there’s more but I’m kinda tired of typing.
          Try it out (the final release will be out later this week) and tell us what you think.
          *Then tell us what you want*.  Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling!

Darlingly please take into consideration, if possible. :)

RFE/ENH - NetworkManager
A network bandwidth monitor plugin for NetworkManager - "NetworkManager-nbm",
aka "NetworkManager-kmp(keep my pants)".

Ref. reps:

- [enh] enable bandwidth usage monitoring

- Support for transfered data amount per configured connection quota

- RFE to provide periodic network traffic statistics and warnings by connection

- RFE: add attribute "limited data" to connection and expose it via API/DBUS

Very well described by Darius Mažeika [reporter]:

          It would be very nice to have support for transfered data amount quota/limit in
          1. Counter per configured connection, persisting between computer restart,
          suspend, shutdown, interface activation and deactivation.
          2. Interface to specify quota. When quota is soon to be reached (let's say,
          95%), an optional notification could be shown (an icon in traybar, maybe?).
          When limit is reached, NM should optionally automatically disconnect the
          connection and show a message
          3. Interface to view collected data and set/reset counters.
          It is possible to extend this wish list, but these functions would cover most
          roaming user's with limited network connection needs.

Thanks for the consolidated overview!  Definitely useful, and would
actually be pretty straightforward if anyone wanted to tackle it;
volunteers? :)


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