Re: RFC: standardized network provisioning

On 06/11/2014 12:12 PM, Chuck Anderson wrote:
Has any thought been given to implementing standardized network
provisioning similar to how Apple's .mobileconfig works?

There's been some discussion about provisioning in the past, but as far
as I know no one is currently working on it.

XpressConnect's Linux support uses a native Linux
binary and relies on communication with the NetworkManager DBUS API.
The rapid changes in this API and other system components on Linux
cause this to break frequently.  For example, XpressConnect works on a
freshly installed Fedora 20, but not one updated with the latest
package updates.

The NetworkManager D-Bus API is stable. While we do add new
properties/methods to it as needed, existing released API should never
change. If it does, please file a bug.

-- Dan

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