Re: NetworkManager signals global connectivity even when DNS is not yet ready

On Wed, 2014-06-04 at 01:27 +0200, Marcel Dopita wrote:

When trying to setup my desktop environment (Arch Linux & XFCE) I also 
enabled Pidgin (IM client) to launch in XFCE session. I noticed that 
Pidgin doesn't connect immediately after boot but it works either by 
manually forcing it to reconnect or waiting 30-45 seconds for next 

I started debugging the issue and found that Pidgin is starting 
connection attempts based on event from NetworkManager:

(00:09:44) network: Got StateChange from NetworkManager: 70.

I understand that 70 is state "NM_STATE_CONNECTED_GLOBAL" - the global 
network connectivity. I'm no C developer but I added some addition debug 
info to find out that it fails when calling function getaddrinfo() (and 
maybe some other) which returns -2 (meaning "NAME or SERVICE is 

It's a bug, good catch.  It looks like the bits in the Manager object
that update the NM state run immediately before the bits that write out
DNS information.

Would you be able to try the attached patch and see if this fixes


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