Re: No IPv6 default route with dhcpcd.6.4.0-1?

Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> writes:

2) DHCPv6 is not a mechanism to deliver the default route, and dhcpcd
should not be adding a default route via the DHCP server.  The only way
to deliver default routes correctly with IPv6 is through the Router
Advertisement with a Prefix Information option.

I see that this issue is now resolved, but just for the record:  A
Prefix Information option is *not* required for announcing a default
route.  I the Router Lifetime is > 0 then the advertising router is
usable as a default router, regardless of the RA options and flags.

Sending RAs with no prefix information is perfectly valid if addresses
are assigned using DHCPv6 and you don't need any on-link route. For
example for the typical ISP scenario, where you don't want L2
connectivity between the end sites anyway.


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