Re: Creating NetworkManager connections via DBus API

On 08/07/14 07:56, Dan Williams wrote:
and so the 'connection' bit would be mandatory, and you might have *one*
each of the other setting types?
The "type" setting (eg 803-3-ethernet, 802-11-wireless, gsm, cdma,
bluetooth, etc) is required too.  The 'type' setting and the
'connection' setting are the only required ones.  Usually you'd lock the
connection to a MAC address with the "type" setting, or it would contain
stuff like MTU, SSID, and other hardware-specific stuff, so you can't
really leave it out.

Okay, so there's a setting called "type" too, that I presume is distinct
from the "connection" setting's "type" attribute.  i.e. the minimum

{'connection': {...},
 'type': {...},

Where do I find information on this "type" setting?  Doing a search for
"type setting" on shows
no matches.

IPv4 and IPv6 are optional if you want automatic (DHCP, PPP/WWAN, etc)
addressing, but obviously if you want static you have to specify one or

Ahh so a minimal one might give a 'connection' object, whose 'interface'
attribute references one of the physical network ports, and it'll just
configure the network via DHCP.
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