Re: Qt/Qml binding


  Learning qml, and writing a simple "nm applet" with qml gui. Hope this answers your question.

  Currently, I am writing a thin layer which translates the call the relevant function via dbus.

nm <-->  dbus <--> nm-qt (using qtdbus) <--> qml app


On 5 Jan 2014 21:45, "Thomas Schäfer" <tschaefer t-online de> wrote:

qmi/mbim/at <--> modemmanager<-->networkmanager<-->nmcli/app<-->user
qmi/mbim/at <--> modemmanager<--> mmcli<-->user


Am 05.01.2014 16:51, schrieb Ritesh Khadgaray:
> Hi
>   Does anyone has suggestions on at/qml binding for nm. Currently, the
> best option I see is to use nm over dbus .
> Thanks

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