Notification disjoint - VPN now failed, notifications showing still connected.

I have setup a VPN on a Laptop using Fedora 21 x86_64.

The VPN works fine however the gnome notifications are not reflecting
the true state of the VPN.

In Network Settings you can connect to XXXVPN using the ON/OFF switch.

If you then do a 'nmcli connections show --active' you will get the
correct information regarding the VPN and also the tun will show
active on a separate line.

ifconfig reports the 'hard' settings for the nic together with the
relevant VPN settings.

I had noticed on a couple of occasions the VPN had dropped however the
gnome settings were still showing active.....

So if the VPN gets dropped (NOT manually disconnected)

Gnome settings will still show the VPN as connected.

nmcli connections show --active

will still show the VPN as active, however the 'tun' line has now
disappeared confirming the VPN is down.

ifconfig shows the 'hard' settings for the nic but no entry for the VPN.

This means there's a disjoint in what is being reported via
Gnome/NetworkManager and the actuality of the status of the VPN.

In effect there would appear to be a need to 'actively poll' the tun
to ensure the VPN is still active and if the tun fails NetworkManager
needs to be updated accordingly.

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