Re: Unusual behavior

On Thu, 2014-12-11 at 20:17 -0200, T. Kin gway wrote:

I'd sent this email because I need a specific answer.

Two days ago I upgraded my linux distro to a newer version that comes with
gnome 3.14, when I started the system by the first time checked the active
services thru netstat and saw something unusual, the NetworkManager was
connected to two https addresses (one was of a university, they may be

I never saw the NetworkManager of my previous gnome connected to any
address, then I removed the system and today I did a clean install using
the ISO image of the distro and NetworkManager had the same behavior and it
was always switching the connected address, never stopped.

Does NM need to be connected to work?
Is this behavior normal to the NM used in version 3.14 of Gnome?

It could be NetworkManager's connectivity detection.
Check /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf and see if there is a
[connectivity] section, and also look in /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/ to
see if there is a snippet there for connectivity too.  Your distro
(Fedora 21 perhaps?) might have enabled connectivity checking by

NetworkManager's connectivity detection periodically contacts a
user-configurable HTTP address to check whether you have network
connectivity or not.  GNOME and other clients use this to show WiFi
hotspot logins and indicate network state.  But it can be turned off
quite easily.


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