Re: Network manager eat cpu

On Tue, 2014-08-26 at 12:02 +0200, Chabert Loic wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have noticed a problem on Centos 7 when i use a bgp full view. NM is 
eating 100% cpu.
I try to make BGP routers with centos 7 and need a bgp full view. I use 
bird as BGP implementation.

So i configure my network adapters with NM:
- two interfaces dedicated to bond0 (803.2d)
- two vlan interfaces plugged in bond0 (8021q)

(i noticed also that two vlan interfaces is not active after boot 
process... another problem)

NM manager is "normal" and not eat all CPU.Then i launch bird and 
download ipv4 full view.
At this moment, NM eat all cpu as we see below:

2579 root      20   0  649408 208420   7116 R  99,8  5,4   1104:58 

Any suggestions ? I'm using CentOS7, fully updated and ipv6 disabled.

Best regards.

I am afraid, NM currently cannot handle a significant number of routes
or addresses.

To fix that, we will have to refactor and improve the platform code.


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