Re: Accessing NetworkManager from a daemon

Hi Thomas, Dan,
On 28/08/14 06:24, Dan Williams wrote:
At the moment, session tracking means you can't easily talk to NM if you
are (a) not root and (b) don't have a session via ConsoleKit or Polkit.
That's something we want to change, and that's being tracked and
actively worked on in this bug:

But like Thomas says, you can get around this for now if you rebuild NM
with --with-session-tracking=no.

Many thanks, I was kinda hoping there was just a setting in
NetworkManager's configuration that would turn that off or permit select
users rather than having to recompile.

By the sounds of things in the short term at least, I need to sweet-talk
polkit into giving me access.

My research has lead me as far as PolkitAgentTextListener:

Unfortunately I've seen absolutely 0 on how to access this from within
Python, so I shall enquire on the polkit lists and find out if I'm on
the right track and how to tickle it the right way.

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