Can't set two connections up on the same interface


I'm trying to configure my debian testing router using Network Manager
(in replacement of the /etc/network/interfaces file). But I've found an
issue. I can't set two connections at the same time on the same network

I've configured two connections : a pppoe and a 802-3-ethernet one. They
have to work at the same time on the same interface. The ethernet
connection is to set a local ip address for me to have access to my adsl
modem web interface. The pppoe is to setup my internet connection.

Using ifupdown, it works well. Both connections are up without any
problem. But Network Manager doesn't allow it. I've bound the 2
connections used by network manager using the 802-3-ethernet.mac-address

But when I set a connection up, the other one is disconnected. I can
only have one at a time.

Is this normal or is there a way to bypass this behavior ?


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