Re: [patch network-manager-applet v2] add support for team devices

On 09/16/2013 03:28 AM, Jiri Pirko wrote:
Hi, any comments please? I discussed this with jklimes and he seems
happy with it.

Sorry for the delay. Mostly good, and I see jklimes already fixed some
things on the jklimes/team branch in git. I added another patch there to
fix some layout problems.

Two remaining questions:

  1. Should we add a filepicker to the Team Port page like jklimes did
     on the team page?

  2. Does the team driver let you team InfiniBand devices with other
     devices? I know you can't do that with bonding because of the
     different hardware address size, and so there's code in page-bond.c
     to keep track of what kind of children the bond has, and after
     you've added one, you can't add the other kind any more. The team
     page, as it is now, will let you add both an ethernet and an
     infiniband device to the team.

-- Dan

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