ANN: NetworkManager

On behalf of the other Dan, I'm pleased to announce the release of
NetworkManager, network-manager-applet, and the
associated VPN plugins (including network-manager-vpnc 0.9.8.*6*,
because was discovered to have a major bug).

This release includes all the standard sorts of minor fixes,
enhancements, and translation updates (which you can read more about in
the NEWS files), but in particular also contains a new API which is used
by gnome-shell 3.10 and which should result in more accurate network
status icons.

Everyone is encouraged to upgrade to this new stable release.

Except for people who are using BlueZ 5.

This version of NetworkManager is being released now to support the
GNOME 3.10 release, but it does not include support for BlueZ 5. There
will be a release "soon" (but probably after GNOME 3.10.0) that
will support being compiled against BlueZ, but will only support PAN and
not DUN. (That is, it will support the mode where the bluetooth device
shares its own network connection with NM, but not the mode where the
bluetooth device acts as a mobile broadband modem, and NM has to be told
the details of its GSM/CDMA connection.) DUN support will hopefully
return in the next stable release.

Dan (no, the other one) and the NetworkManager Team

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